Real Estate Agents Program

Help your clients increase their sales price.

Increase your listing prices and gain happier clients.

We help agents provide services that their clients can’t find anywhere else. If you have a listing that can benefit from minor or major renovation, we are here to help. We empower you to help your clients increase their home value and cash out their new equity at settlement.

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Summary of Benefits

  • Empower your clients to increase home value, capture their new home equity, and sell their homes fast

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate home inspection items

  • List a property that is fully renovated and staged

  • Increase your commission with a higher sales price

  • Close deals with happier clients


Start Today

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    You get a listing that can benefit from a minor or major renovation.
  • 2
    You contact us or have your clients contact us.
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    We help your clients renovate their homes and increase home value.
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    You receive regular updates through the renovation process.
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    We help you with staging.
  • 6
    You list the property.